After what felt like the 50th conversation and the 100th sign that kept jumping out at me, I decided to take the leap and set up a podcast! I know what you are thinking. Not another podcast launched during Lockdown 2020. Well this has been 10 years in the making I like to think. I have been meeting with, chatting to, and learning from incredible visionaries, pioneers, and dreamers since I was a teen and now is the time to shine a light on all the amazing people who are trying to make their corner of the world a little bit brighter and more interesting.

Big Ideas With Mesh is my passion project. It is an interview style podcast where I get under the skin of my guests, and learn about what makes these amazing people who are they are. I try to unpack and understand how they got to where they are now, and their vision for the future. This is a new journey for myself as a first time podcaster but I have truly fallen in love with the process and I hope you enjoy the ride and the future episodes I plan to release!

Thank you in advance for your support as this podcast takes shape. Together we will unpack, navigate and learn from the incredible people I interview and to listen to the stories and lessons they have to share.

About the Host

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Umesh Kumar

Umesh is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 4 startups in recent years. He is a freelance innovation consultant who has worked with some of the largest companies in the world with clients including National Grid, Unilever, P&G, SXSW, Cushman & Wakefield, and Accenture. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Connector at Twist Club, an experience led supper club and invite-only global members club. He is also the Host of Big Ideas with Mesh! A new podcast dedicated to interviewing dreamers, pioneers, visionaries, and people who challenge the status quo. He delves into their story, their dreams, and ultimately their vision for the future.